Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Search of Fragrance

They are born and there starts their search for the fragrance
They search for this fragrance every day.
They don’t know where it comes from but the scent is so irresistibly pleasant that they continue to seek the source all day.
Sadly they all do this, throughout their life and till that day they say bye
They all depart this world, without knowing the cause and root where this fragrance originates from.

They are called Musk Deer or otherwise called Kasturi Mrug found in the Himalayas. The pleasant fragrance is nothing but a god-gifted scent called Kasturi that emanates from its own belly, which they do not know their entire life. Oh God! What a sad state!

Searching something outside when it is there within……
(And yes, they are mentioned in many literary classics with a philosophical tinge about mankind in search of god)

Now a few facts and figures

Geographically, it formerly existed throughout the entire Himalayan upper forest region, and was found in the scrub level between 2,200m and 4,300m

Sadly the Musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster) is fast vanishing from the Himalayas.

About 4,000 adult male deer are killed annually, due to their high demand in the international market

The musk is used for medicine purposes

Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine rate musk as a stimulant and sedative

Traditionally the musk is used for medicine purposes, though a very little musk is used for the same in the global era. It has been estimated that more than 80 artificial musks figure in the global market.

The Himalayan musk deer is likely to disappear forever, because the demand for musk deer is high in the international market, particularly in Japan and the price of a musk is US dollar 5,000 per kilo

Trade-wise, Japan, more than any other nation, has the dubious distinction of accelerating the likely extinction of the Himalayan musk deer.

Regret that poaching and smuggling of musk are unchecked and uncontrolled in this region!


Sheila said...

Great post again educating so many of us. I also enjoyed the Will Smith video and the Puttu breakfast recipe. I always find so many interestings reads on your blog!

Vancouver, Canada said...

Yes you are truly right Nara..very similiar search to that of the Lord..many go near and far in search for Him..yet.. he resides within us :) Once again this reiterates that we must save our wildlife and not let their existence diminish..very enlightening post Nara and very sad too..wish there was a way to help them..

Kelly said... much information and interesting. Thank you for posting.

Viji said...

//Searching something outside when it is there within……//

Cant have said it better!!

Agree, not just the pursuit of God, even happiness, peace, joy everything is within US! But we keeep searching for everything outside and by the time the realisation dawns that it is within, it bcomes too late!

Like the Kasturi deer for fragrance the urge to search is there in all of us!

Escapist said...

Bunch f information.

Jollliiesss !!!

Rajesh said...

When I started reading this for some reason, I thought it is about butterflies. But it turned out different.

It is sad that musk deer will soon from the face of the earth serving the human greed. Great post.

darsden said...

Now that is sad... I can't stand poachers. I am not a deer eater nor a musk maker. I feed them as my babies. In fact I am doing a post in the next couple of days about my deer.

I am playing catch up with you cuz I see when I was on vacation I did miss a couple of your post...shame on me :-))

Kavitha said...

I was very happy reading this blog... I was a child when i attended a hindi class in a school where my never ending yawning teacher had read a peom from a very famous peot (sorry cant remember his names). But some how i always remembered the jist of the poem...searching for the goodness everywhere, not knowing that it dwells within, sadly. Felt very happy recollecting this story. Thank you.

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