Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toys from Nature!!

All toys here are made out of coconut palm leaves and various other parts of coconut tree. As they say: Toys makes kids Think! And yes these were toys which instigated the creative imagination of many Indian kids in the past and even continues to fascinate them in some far off villages.

Specs ('Olakkannadi' in local lanugage)

In those good old days, we use to make these toys ourselves...a 'knowledge' that is transferred from generation to generation.

Fan (Kattadi)

The faster you run with this fan.....the faster the fan act which fills our heart and one can see the immense satisfaction and glee in our faces......

Snake (Olappambu)

This was mostly used on the first of April and even to scare kids......some kids would cry heart out seeing seldom find such innocent kids today... :)

Watch (Olakkhadikaram)

A watch of your own! You are on top of the world when you wear this watch. Even a few thousand dollar Rolex watch today cannot give you the same level of gratification what you had back then.....

Spoon (Plavilakkumbile)

This is not just a toy.....its is used at homes as a spoon to drink/eat rice olden days its used every older version of 'use and throw' stuff ;-).....This is made by folding Jackfruit leaves and a small pointed piece of thin stick (this wooden piece is again from coconut leaves)

Whistle (Peepee)

While blowing from the thinner edge...this 'instrument' makes a lovely musical sound.....

Baby rattle (Kilukku or Kunukku)

This toy sometimes comes with one or two more sticks pricked here and there.....this toy when rotates will make some funny noise when those tiny sticks rub each mainly used when kids cry for no reason;)......and also used by elders while playing cards....(the looser wear this on their ears)

(all pics from net)*

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour 2010, Bangalore

A few snaps from Bangalore where many business establishments, corporate offices and households did their bit........

An Eco bike from Flexitron

The power generated here to light those bulbs is by pedaling that bike....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Save Tigers!!! Save Tigers!!! But Why?

For the last few years, a lot of campaigns and promotions are carried out in India on the need to save and preserve Tigers.

But why all this hue and cry?

What is the real need to save a tiger?
What if a few tigers get killed in the forest?
Are they doing anything useful in the forest except eating and roaming around?
Why we are so concerned for an animal which is doing nothing productive?
When many people starve here and when farmers suicide, why the need to take so much care to protect one animal?

These are very simple questions which anyone can ask. I am neither a preserver nor an environmentalist. But let me try to explain here very shortly what happens if Tigers are no more.

Each and every creation or living being in this planet earth has its role to play in the Eco-system. A drastic change in the proportion of population of these living beings will create chaos ‘tomorrow’, if not ‘today’ for sure. Being a part of this system, and being the so called ‘Thinking’ being, we have to play a crucial role and take initiate in maintaining the balance of our eco system for a better ‘tomorrow’. If this initiative is not taken today, the days and years to come will witness various natural disasters and disorders which mankind cannot handle.

Tigers are signs of a healthy forest. They need lots of land area (forest) to roam around and live. Now here, when Tiger being on top of the list is reduced or if no more, it affects the food chain from top to bottom and thereby affecting the nature. This is too slow a process for us to realize now and it will be too late to act if we don’t initiate ‘now’. A simple food chain example will make the picture even clearer.

(you can click on the image to look closer)
The above picture shows clearly the inter-dependency in an eco-system.

Here the Tiger prey on various animals like deer, boar, bull, yak, monkey and other carnivorous animals. To make sure tigers live in a healthy environment, there should be enough food and water for them; i.e. those above said animals should live and then these second string herbivorous /carnivorous animals to live, they need their prey, plants and trees as well. In short, from tigers to the minutest of insects from huge trees to small herbs, all are directly or indirectly related in the eco-system in the form of food chain. A change in the proportion of population of these will shake the whole system. Ultimately, less forests simply means no ground water perseverance during rain, more floods, soil erosion, no agriculture and thereby more trouble to mankind.

This clearly shows the whole system is inter-reliant. Hence, a decrease in Tiger population in the forest will trigger a chain reaction that ends up inviting problems to mankind. As it is on top of the food chain, Tiger rightly is the mark of shield for all other species including human beings.

There is a natural order in this eco-system where one animal or plant is prey to another with Tiger on top of this food chain. This natural order goes on. This natural flow should not ideally change. And a change in this will invite untold ‘Changes’ not just for mankind but for all living beings.

Now the answer for all those questions above is simple.

We should save Tigers to save ourselves and save the one and only Planet Earth
(pics taken from net)*

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tom and Jerry turns 70

Can anyone honestly tell that you ever got bored while watching these cute little fellows?
Can anyone of you argue it is a kids-only show?
Does anyone of you ever dared to switch off the television while your kids or your aged parents watching the show?

I am pretty sure none of you can answer YES to the above questions:-)

What an amazing creation. Let’s Thank William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for making millions of people laugh and thereby live happily and peacefully. And their creation continue to entertain and educate us in different forms for the last 70 years to this very day. This laugh riot, for sure will continue forever for the simple reason; they are raw and core extracts of life.

The house cat Tom and the all-mischievous Jerry is always pleasure watching.

The best part is they stay the same and never get old. This maybe because they do laugh and make others laugh all these days. They live in a world without humans and therefore even violence turns out to be fun, they become friends at times, join hands to fight a common enemy and they never hurt each other with the intention to kill.

After all these years, apart from laughing, why we failed to learn a lesson or two from these violent, ever-fighting yet peace-loving ‘friends’?

(pic taken from net)*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scorching summer and thirsty Birds

Summer is back in most parts of India and is too hot in few places that people cannot even stand or take a walk in daytime. Anyway we have our own alternatives to stay away from the scorching heat. Goggles, air coolers, buttermilk, cold drinks, beer and what not!

And this summer, Indian 'Birds' found new ‘shades’ in the form of Women Reservation Bill. The major chunk of the population of India stood up and spoke for women empowerment and vouched 33% seat reservation in Parliament. Well! Let’s wait and see if this would make a difference in the political scene as women are said to be better administrators and relatively unbiased. At least more peaceful non-violent parliament hearings in the coming days are here for sure if the bill is approved unanimously.

My point here is we have an organization or society to speak for any particular religion, gender or class.

Let’s try doing in our own humble manner, a small favor for the ‘Flying class’; the Birds.

It would be wonderful if we can place a vessel/pot/pan full of water in the balcony for birds to quench thirst in this hot season as they can't speak their troubles nor they can protest with banners to re-gain their fundamental right to live in this planet!!!
(pic taken from net)*
Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy. Action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame.