Monday, April 27, 2009

Shivagange Pictures (Part II)

The second set of pictures of Shivagange as promised..

A folk singer at the foot hills at Shivagange

When asked her age, she was not sure and said 'around 100' in local language and said singing is her energy and inspiration. What an amazing Grandma she is. At this age she sings and some of the pilgrims offer her money which she obediently accepts. Though we have a system in place, here in India, to protect these age old artists, still there are many unanswered questions.......Anyway let Lord give her the strength to sing more and more songs till the last pilgrim leaves the temple premise......God Bless!

(note:a temple premise will never be empty)

The 'dark side' of a so called 'Sanyasi' up the hill

Unfortunately the word Sanyasi is been the most misused and distorted word and like-wise is the (mis)use of saffron attire by people from all sects of the society. Some use it as a 'cover' and a few others likes to cuddle inside the saffron clothes to get 'protected' by the religion.

Sad to admit that people from different culture mistakes and fails to understand the difference between real and the fake one.

An awareness campaign is very much required against the mis-use the saffron color which was once used by great saints like Adi Shankara and Swami Vivekananda

The 'Wunder kid' ....ooops i mean the Vendor's kid.

This kid keeps smiling all the time....though his dad kept him in a basket nearby and was busy selling drinks and biscuits to pilgrims and trekkers....

Creating 'Stepping Stones' for others

These are many skilled artisans and sculptors who work in stone and wood in many parts of India, particularly in southern states which are famous for its architectural brilliance. And yes, these centuries old skills are been taught in many colleges and schools which train those who are interested in Sculpture (various medium).

Yes here we go..... the 'Stepping stones'

'Rest in Peace'........Oh No!! Sorry!!...I mean.....'Peacefully Resting' on top of the hill ;-)

And here comes my favorites....'The Joint Family'

The naughty young one trying its best to come out of the 'Family Framework'

'Living on the edge'

Well!! the sky looks clearer and the tree blushing with her pink and red pimples also looks happier than ever.........Hope the coming days are so......

A small snake pit at the foot of a tree

No escaping from the tough routes that comes and creeps in, at the most unexpected of times........

Just wondering why no Political party has chosen this as their symbol. A very apt symbol for many.
Hope this time, the chameleon will not keep changing colors, after this Election

The Chameleon's view of sky from inside its small cave.
Yes when we step in their shoes, there is no color at all....Its a black and white world altogether...Just Black Inside........and White Outside.......

Thank you all....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Anthem

It is election time again in most of the states in India
This VDO is directly or indirectly related to ‘these days’

In between, you can click the play button on the VDO, so that it will download by the time you finish reading :-)

An inspirational video, a Times of India initiative, termed as the ‘New Anthem’ about India, a very neatly shot campaign ad which shows how to take the initial step as an individual, and thereby make the nation follow in the right direction. This VDO has inspired the youth of this nation in their thought process for sure.

The motto of the VDO is simple

Just don’t keep complaining about anything and everything, but BE THE CHANGE.


And yes this message and song is more inspiring and is the need of the hour, for a nation which always has an inferior feeling.

That’s a translation I got from a friend who is good in understanding poetry

He said whenever a translation happens the essense drains off.......
This is how it goes.....

Clinch the sky to stand, and walk with the breeze in your hands,
Be the front-runner; because when you walk, India walks with you.

Lend your hand to pull out the Sun in the morning,
Fill up your hands with sunlight, and fling it around,
Keep you legs on the horizon, and move with pride,
Clinch the sky to stand, and walk with the breeze in your hands,
Be the front-runner; because when you walk, India walks with you

WOW!! Can’t stop saluting you Gulzar Sab

Jai Hind!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Guest Day: 22nd April 2009

Accor, the European leader in hotels and tourism and the global leader in corporate services, operates in nearly 100 countries with 170,000 employees is back again with the campaign

The ‘Earth Guest Day’ is back this year with the theme WATER

Active campaigns and promotions this year too, across the globe to showcase their commitment to the principles of sustainable development

Plz dont miss this cute VDO by

The culmination of campaigns pursued by employees throughout the year, the day -- called Earth Guest day at Accor -- highlights the Earth Guest program introduced by the Group in 2006 to federate its social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

As our parent organization, I am happy to invite all you to join an online pledge to save Water and do our little share for a great cause. As we all know, the most precious thing in future is going to be good, clean water and lets make a difference in our own way.

You can proudly participate in this online pledge, an initiative from our organization Accor Services by clicking Save Water and can pass the message to your friends and relatives as well.

Thank a ton

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shivagange Photos Part- I (to be continued:-))

Yes!! as promised here is the first set of images :)

N.H4, the National Highway from Bangalore which takes to Shivagange

The Gang is all set ;-)

NICE, the promoters of BMIC which is a 4 to 6 lane highway that connects the two important cities of Bangalore and Mysore

The village road off-NH4 and a distant view of the hill (our target)

Another view

The Shivaganga Fort in the old city is built by the Nayaka Ruler in the 16th century
The fort comprises of a square Shivaganga tank and Brihadishvara temple.

The Temple

The square tank

The sculpture made on wall (rock)

The steps carved on rock

The Sculptures on the walls of small caves on the mountain

Nandi the auspicious bull

A very steep hill with two Shiva temples, one on the foot of the hill and second around 5 km uphill.

Particularly impressive are the views from the top of the hill

Place to watch for flora & fauna, bird watching & monkeys

Team taking a break in between

'Dare Devil' Bhushan in action. In spite of our repeated warning he took this route and a slip will cost him his life for sure. Crazy Bhushan

Not so daring Nara 'inaction' ;-) ...I was a bit scared to go till the tip of that rock

On an average it takes 2-2.5 hours to climb and 2 hours to get down

Almost rocky all around, with railings at some places to hold and climb the steep hill

There is also a natural spring between the two monolithic rocks.

View from the edge. To realize the depth, have a look at the picture closely and you can see two persons in the middle walking down.

The team on top. Out of 21, only 11 of us reached the top :-)

That's me trying my luck to reach on top :-)

It says: "Greenery is our Life"

The Team at the foot hills

Unlike other temples, apart from the spiritual part, Shivaganga is not that crowded and it is a good place for an average trekking experience.

Will get you the second set of images asap, which are not particularly about the place or my friends, but a few 'Insignificant' images ;-)

Till then take care
Thank You

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shivaganga: 70 km from Bangalore

Just back from a tedious yet wonderful trek from Shivaganga the home of two historic shrines which are centuries old; the hill at an Altitude of 4599 ft and around 70 Km north-west of Bangalore.

Yes I know you would love to watch the images ;-). Compiling of images going on. Will upload it at the earliest possible :-)


Friday, April 17, 2009

Communication Gap :-)

Not sure who is behind this....but very interesting and exceptional right :-) ?
Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy. Action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame.