Friday, October 30, 2009

David Shepherd ‘ran out’ of Time

David Shepherd was undoubtedly the most appreciated and sincere umpires in the game of cricket till date. He shot to fame in the early 80’s with his elegance and accuracy on and off the field. He stood in 92 Tests, 172 ODIs, between 1983-2005, including three World Cup finals.

He has made umpiring an art with his style and smile. In schooldays while preparing to watch a cricket match, kids never bother about an umpire. But after noticing this great man it has become a habit to enquire about umpires before the start of each match.

Indian masses always wished to see Shepherd whenever there is a crucial match with Australia or particularly with Pakistan the arch rival. Indian fans always believe Shepherd can be a better judge than any Indian Umpire in curial matches. This is because the track record is that Indian Umpires rules decisions always against India and god knows for what reason.

As the saying goes; Even a Sage cannot be completely impartial; knowing the hunger of a hunter the sage still stands by the bird.

But any cricket lover can blindly say David Shepherd was always an Impartial Sage on the field

May your soul RIP Mr. David Shepherd

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cauvery fishing camp and river rafting

A couple of weeks back, I posted about a place called Sangam and Mekedatu. Very close to this place (around 10-15 miles) is another less populated, thick jungle and a very neat and serene place called Cauvery fishing camp. You can take part in various other activities here, apart from fishing. You can enjoy river rafting, trekking, canoeing, boat-rides and even bird watching....

Last week, with cousins and friends we had a one day trip to this Cauvery fishing camp.

This river bank jungle lodge is a pretty nice place for kids as well....

Kids are also allowed to raft...and every raft will have one guide....

We heard fishing is the preferred outdoor activity of many and this place is home to Mahseer fish, which is the finest game fish anywhere in the world and this freshwater fish is considered to be the toughest fighting species of fish. And Crocs are also seen here.

And all these make Cauvery fishing camp a popular spot not only for the locals but also for people from different countries, who visit every year.

There are cottages available on this river bank resort where people can stay and chill out a couple of days if interested.

After reaching this resort, we were taken to the starting point (for Rafting) in an open jeep....
Trekking is one activity people prefer while taking a break from fishing. Trek to Basavanna betta; which is 4000 feet is one option. There are various routes through which we can reach the top.

All set for rafting.....
Of course we need to follow and obey the Guides in these areas; be it River rafting, Trekking and Fishing. As people who have trekked before know, there are chances we may loose our way and as it’s very much away from our normal life and adventurous too...
As we dint have a plan and reached a bit late, we were able to do only River Rafting….

rafting would be around 45 minutes including swimming for about 10-15minutes on the way......
Though the under current is so powerful here rafting is comparatively peaceful and hence elders, women and kids can take part and enjoy.

At one point(where we did swimming) the guide requested me not to take camera, since it is risky. So I could not take a few interesting and nice pics.....Water splashing all over us at one particular area where the waves were slightly dangerous......

cousin prefered canoyeing which is a bit riskier than raft

reaching safe home..

Beautiful dusk! Just before leaving the place......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Wishing you all a very Prosperous, Colorful and Safe Deepavali

Mostly Celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists, Deepavali is the festival of lights, Victory of righteousness over the evil and also the time which brings in prosperity and peace. On Deepavali morning, as kids, we use to wake up early in the morning in our ancestral home were we all gather during festive occasions (as early as 3.00 am) take oil bath, wear new clothes, and burst crackers till sunrise. Celebrated with pomp and splendor Deepavali has been always a fun time; sweets, new clothes, family gathering, bursting of crackers and so on..............

Note: Unfortunately the wastes of busted crackers always makes the streets and public places a mess. Wish it would be great if each one of us clean and clear the mess which we create and keep the premises clean again after Deepavali.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ninne Kanaan (A beautiful malayalam folk song)

A beautiful Malayalam folk song. Though this VDO is shot like an Album, it mostly affirms in line with the lyrics.

(vdo taken from net)*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sangam and Mekedatu Trip

Sangam simply means ‘UNION’. Here it’s the union of river Cauvery, Arkavathi and an other imaginary river which is invisible. A beautiful, serene river basin to unwind in weekends, Sangam is just around 85 km from Bangalore. Green all around and blue up above!!!

The Team

The Rider

The beautiful roadside on the way to sangam

Two bikes and one car - 7 of us

Reached Sangam and have to take that circular boat to reach the other bank

The authorities say - Beware of Crocs! though we dint even see a 'Crow'

From this bank a bus takes us to Makedatu which is around 4 km

A few choose to walk in the jungle expecting to see some wild animals (unfortunately or fortunately we dint see any).

Reached Makedatu

Trust me this is truly adventurous!
while posing so adventurously, I never knew that this shallow looking river has swirls here and there and very powerful undercurrents. I heard from the locals, that many do these kinda stuff, but never RETURNS.
You ask me to do this again??? I will never...Phew!!!

A refreshing and elaborate bath while coming back (in sangam)

The Dusk - Just before leaving Sangam

The local fresh fish right from the river...

The team after reaching Bangalore.

The village mode of transportation

An old house in a village

A farmer using the traditional plough

The bee and the flower again :)

A traditional way of making Silk. Seen in front of a village house

The happy village kid

Another happy village kid again

Shot taken while sitting behind the bike
Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy. Action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame.