Tuesday, June 22, 2010

India and Football

When will India reach the FIFA world cup finals???

An often repeated question in most of the Indian minds for a few decades now. Once in four years, we Indians invariably end up supporting Brazil, though there are a lot of fan following here in India for nations like Argentina, Germany, England, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain etc...

Anyway one Indian team is actively participating in the FIFA 2010 world cup in South Africa !!! Any guess???

Indian Software Giant Mahindra Satyam is the Official IT Services Provider for FIFA 2010 world cup.

And there was a time when bare footed Indian football team ruled the Asian sub-continent and reached the semi-final in 1956 Melbourne Olympics; the first nation from Asia to reach semis in Olympics .......to read more interesting facts you can click here
....a very informative and lovely article by NOVY KAPADIA in Tehelka

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Forests were Worshipped

An amazing and informative piece of write-up by Khurshed Batliwala, founder-director,The World Alliance for Youth Empowerment featured yesterday in the TOI editorial. I thought we all should read this piece of article and hence sharing the link. Kudos to TOI as usual for coming up with such exceptional stuff. I should not paste it over here as it is a copyrighted stuff....please visit TOI original page......right here for the article. You can see the article at the bottom of this page. The text magnifies and will appear on the right side when you Click on the article.

Also you can visit The World Alliance for Youth Empowerment to know more about them.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Recycled jersey by NIKE

Kudos Nike!

Nike has come up with a novel idea of making jersey from recycled plastic bottle and close to ten Nike sponsored teams i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Serbia Netherlands, Portugal, United States, South Korea and Slovenia, will don this jersey for the world cup matches starting tonight. This is a timely and clever move by Nike, to make world cup a platform to display their environmental and social obligations.

Anyway! Information from net says that, this move by Nike will help stopping 250000 kgs of polyster waste being dumped on land.

Once again Great Job Nike for adopting Go Green policies!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

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May the clear blue sky up above and the bright sun bring prosperity and health to you all in the coming days....

A peaceful stream ‘falling-down’. But let’s assure they never ‘downfall’

Contrary to the belief, that Jackfruit was a Portuguese import 500 years back, to Indian sub-continent and south Asia, Archaeological findings states this fruit is been cultivated in many parts of Indian sub-continent as early as 3000 - 1000 BC.

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