Friday, November 6, 2009

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple - Stunning Virtual Tour‏

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple

(Please click the above link)

This is a Fantastic work from 'view360' team. A 360 degree vision of one of the most famous temples in India.

You can click on the mentioned link to have a virtual tour. It takes a while depending on system. There is a layout on top left corner with pointers. You can click on any of that pointer to visit that particular part of the temple. Once the page appears, just click and drag up, down, right, left wherever. Don't miss the roof where you can see century old amazing wall paintings, the sculptures on the pillars and 1000 pillar hall.

The date of original diety is still unknown and the temple is mentioned in many Tamil literary works as early as 7th century A.D. This temple is believed to be ransacked by Muslim Invaders in early 1300's and almost destroyed. The structure was re-built and got the present form after many Hindu Kings, Patrons and Rulers took initiative in the 1500's and thereafter....

A brilliant testimony of ancient architecture!!

Thanks to Mr.Partha Partha's Blog, a blogger friend who has shared this info.

The designers View360


Heather said...

Wow - Nara, this is STUNNING! The colors in the paintings are beautiful, and the sculptures... WOW. I can't imagine seeing something this breathtaking in person. I love coming by your blog and seeing parts of the world I'd otherwise never know existed :)

Tina said...

wow that is so beautiful. it must have taken ages for everything to come together.

p.s my about me changed a while ago. i changed it to evan being 5, and im still a 28 year old sahm lol ???? :)

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Alexandra Garland said...

Previewing the photos didn't work on my computer... but sounds like a beautiful place to see.

gaelikaa said...

That is beautiful. I liked it so much!

Viji said...

Hey, Meenakshi temple is a b'ful place for architechture, paintings as well as sculpures.....Sont miss out the meenakshi kalyanam sculpture.....It has so move life in it, you will feel as if u are witnessing a celestial wedding!!

Greener Bangalore said...

@Heather you should visit India, since you are very much interested in art and culture......

@Tina yes as i have mentioned this is a combination of sheer hard work and talent and yes it takes its time...

@Alex very sad to hear that...I suggest you should try once more...It takes a while to open...

@Gailikaa...yes it is....

@Viji..yes you are always right:)

Thank You All!

cristinasiqueira said...

Hello Greener,

Beautiful places.
Visit to



deepazartz said...

Wonderful temple...beautiful architechture and gorgeous paintings..Should visit sometime.

Thanks for sharing this info.
Thanks for your comments in my blog.Keep visiting:)

Glennis said...

I couldn't make the tour work, my computer probably does not have enough power. But just the view I had was wonderful, stunning stained glass on the ceiling. Wow.

Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Thanks Cris, Deeps and Glen....:)

view360 said...

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Happy Karthigai Deepam,

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