Friday, October 1, 2010


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The verdict from Allahabad court was timely, apt yet diplomatic.

Coming straight to the point, Ram resides in the hearts of the people and not in Ayodhya. A temple in that very same place is not necessary as we worship him for centuries not because he is born in Ayodhya, but for his virtues and practices. Moreover it’s quite obvious; we don’t have any solid proof, to say that he is born in this particular 2X2 space. So no point in fighting each other and after all Muslim brethren here in India is again our own race and blood. Moreover the almost all ancestors of present day Muslims of India were Hindus and hence they are again our brothers and sisters in one way or other.

On the other hand our Indian Muslim brethren, can extend their support and do a bit for a peaceful co-existence. Unlike any other places, Ayodhya being sentimentally attached to Hindus for centuries, and the present mosque like structure was constructed on the remains of an old temple; a new temple for Ram coming up in place of this present structure is nothing wrong. The support from Muslim brethren would strengthen the bond and relationship of each other for centuries to come.

My Verdict

Demolish the temple and mosque to ground level. Let the Government of India take over the land. A huge public park with lots of trees is the best thing to do. Perhaps a public Hospital or a public Library is also a good idea. Even the above said leads one to God. Here in this country we have enough Temples, Mosques and Churches. We have a lot more to do to set straight the basic amenities of many under privileged millions in this country and yes of course God exist among them. It’s high time we need to work even harder for the progress of this nation and not just religion alone. Here we have to learn a lesson or two from China.

Jai Hind!

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Anonymous said...

Your verdict is contradicting your views... I am happy that you are bringing in peace among us... but end of the day, its all faith that we believe in and it is very important that a TEMPLE comes up in our own land. Come on yaar, being in a democratic country does not mean that you will have to sacrifice your beliefs...

Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Anonymous...I have clearly mentioned a temple coming up there is nothing wrong. And for your info I am not an atheist but a Hindu or rather prefer to say Indian with deep religious sentiments and hence it is natural that I stand for peace. My stand is; let the govt take over the land and do something better for the society as a whole. But yes I of course welcome a temple coming up in this same place but only with mutual consensus and not through bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blogger now we are in consensus :-)

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