Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beach Installation Sculpture

Let me introduce Sculptor A.Guruprasad and his unique Installation Sculpture at kollam beach (Kerala) to convey a green message and awareness on global drinking water problem.

A.Guruprasad who is a recipient of the Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy award in 2005 and a honorable mention in 2008 is the first to introduce this art form (Beach Installation Sculpture)in Kollam. A policeman (a job that never suits him) by profession, Guruprasad is a Graduate from Fine Arts College, Thiruvananthapuram.

The sculpture is titled "Two-two four Save Water Save Life".

The 224 plastic pot filled with sea water represents the number of countries.
The water which is unfit for drinking in the plastic pots reminds us of the plastic waste which is the biggest threat for water resources.
And a human form sitting in meditating posture near a tap competing with a crow (which represents other living beings) for a drop of drinking water is a warning statement to remind us on pure water conservation.

He says he selected a public place instead of an art gallery to make the message reach more people!!

Wonderful Job Guruji!!! And the world outside is waiting for more from you...Great Going and all the very best for all your future Endeavour!

Sculptor A.Guruprasad
mobile: +91-9446558665

The Guard_Medium_JackFruitTree

Women real and imagination

Under Lock and Key

The Youth

The Judge and Judgement

The Great Smoker

Anyone can Imagine their own face_(Commercial)


Ms Sparrow said...

Wow! Those sculptures make some powerful statements! I found the one called The Smoker especially forceful.

Greener Bangalore said...

Thanks Ms Sparrow..

Santosh Kumar said...

Good job Mr Guruprasad. Thank you for sharing such nice Artwork.

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