Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sketches by Ma

These are sketches done by my mother in white paper.
I took photographs of these sketches, uploaded and added some color and effects to it :-)
(Obviously I did the easiest part ;-) )


Basically this form of art is to decorate courtyards and prayer halls mostly done by women and girls.

Eight_Lamps and_the_Lotus

Rice flour is the only ingredient used in those days and it is religiously followed by Hindus in most parts of India (in northern part of India they call it ‘Rangoli’ and in south ‘Kolam’).


Every early morning, after shower, women clear the courtyard with clean water; and do this art work with rice flour.


This has another interesting angle. This rice flour is nothing but, daily food for the insects, bugs and birds which gets attracted by rice flour. The next morning women clear the remains of yesterdays’ and clean as usual.


But nowadays, sandstone or limestone powder is used (which in fact don't serve the purpose) instead of rice flour, considering the fact that we have more mouths to feed than in the past ;)

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Rajesh said...

Hey, very beautiful. Your mom is an artist. I liked all of them and "The_InterWoven" is superb.

Wendy said...

Oh, my, these are wonderful!

Sandy said...

Absolutely Stunning Art Nara!! Left Me Speechless! Really Really Amazing to say the least! There is an Antique Element to the Art..Really Wonderful! Compliments go to Ma :)

Sandy :)

claude said...

This work is very beautiful. Your mother is very talented.

Simply Heather said...

WOW!! She has very precise hand/eye coordination. I think I favor the second one best :o).


Strawberry Girl said...

Beautiful work, so glad that you shared it with us. :D

(I like them all, but the second is my favorite as well!!)

Life on Pause said...

Very Beautiful!

My favorite is the second!


Sheila said...

These are beautiful. You should sell the prints or have notecards made of them. I would love to see more.

Kelly said...

...beautiful. I love your mother's artwork. Thank you for sharing. Please post more of her work!

Alexandra Garland said...

Beautiful sketches!! A Million Borders is my favorite! Adding color and effects was a great idea and didn't take away from the originals, I suspect...
Thanks for sharing!!

deepazartz said...

Nice kolam. When I was in Bangalore I used to do it in our front yard. It was a great game as we used to compete with neighbors on who does it best!

Thanks for the trip down the memory lane:)

Greener Bangalore said...

Thank you all.....and will convey your Thanks to Ma

Rush said...

absolutely amazing..can i use one of them as my wallpaper?

workhard said...

Those are amazing!!!!!!

Such Detail!!!!!!

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