Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aircel Innovation

Aircel Mumbai has come up with a lovely 'Ad' this rainy season. The sign board up there, says: "In Case of Emergency! Cut Rope" and it started raining like mad in mumbai as usual.

The Aircel team was in full swing, helping the commuters and it was published with photographs by all the leading news papers in Mumbai.
Good Job Aircel! (And of course clever thinking too, at times of crisis ;-))


Heather said...

How very clever! That's an excellent idea!

Sandy said...
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Vancouver, Canada said...

Very heartwarming post..Thanks so much for sharing :) you should think about becoming a journalist Nar! Your posts are always very informative and up-to-date!

Sandy :)

Strawberry Girl said...

Yes Nara, journalism is in your blood!

Love the post!!


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