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Goa trip

Goa is India's smallest state in terms of area, located on the west coast of India with the Arabian Sea as its western coast. Panaji or Panjim is the state capital and Konkani the official language, though English is widely used here, than any other state in India.

Goa is very rich in bio-diversity, lovely beeches and a multi-cultural society which is totally different from any other state.

This is our team and we had this tour last year. Fl: Justin, Jana, Pat, Naga and Julian
Note: Whenever you come across a good picture here, don't think twice. Of course! it is taken by our awesome lens man and South Korean Manager, Justin :)

Beach side hotel - Miramar Residency Hotel where we stayed

At Miramar Residency Hotel restaurant at the end of the day!

A lovely scenery on the way......

The Portuguese under Vasco Da Gama first landed in Calicut (KERALA) in 1498, and had their major presence in trade in the initial stages, and slowly started influencing in the administrative level in many regions of Kerala and it continued for about 160 years. This had in fact, changed the cultural, socio-economic face of Kerala and they had extended their presence in many parts of India and finally made Goa their Head Quarters

These wonderful Portuguese style Villas are seen all the way on both sides of the road
(And this pic is not taken by any of us)

Many historic places around Goa, like the city of Margao still exhibit the influence of Portuguese culture. The Portuguese first landed in Goa with the intention of Trade, in the early 16th century, and later conquered it.

Fontainhas is a protected area in Panjim for its old architecture. People living in the houses can only renovate the insides - the outside look has to be left as it is.

Roman Catholicism reached Goa during the period of European colonization, and with the establishment of Goa Inquisition in 1560, by the Portuguese, a major portion of the Goan population 'became'(can also read 'converted') Roman Catholic and they are the majority in Goan population.

The Portuguese under Afonso de Albuquerque defeated the then ruling king of Goa, in 1510, with the help of a local ally, which led to the permanent settlement in Goa. The Portuguese ruled Goa for about 450 years, until it was took over by India in the year 1961.
In between the Portuguese had fight with the British in 1800’s for possession of territory and power as well.

The splendid Holy Spirit Church in Goa

Goa is very famous for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage structures and architecture all around Goa
A few centuries old festival, the Goan Carnival, is a must see and the largest tourist attraction. And the New Year’s celebration in Goa is the best in the country.
Old Goa is a UNESCO world heritage site and is famous for its magnificent buildings and churches

The magnificent Se Cathedral Constructed in 1562 and art gallery

The Se Cathedral was built to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese under Afonso de Albuquerque over a local ruler, leading to the capture of the city of Goa in 1510. Constructed in 1562, it originally had two towers, and one caved in 1776 and was never recreated.Many churches were constructed on the sites where century old temples existed!

The well-crafted and amazing interiors of the church

Basilica of Bom Jesus - This marvelous World Heritage Monument was constructed in 1594

The Basilica of Bom Jesus, located in Old Goa, holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier.
It is said that the body of Francis Xavier was as clean and fresh as the day it was buried. The remains of the saint still draw a huge number of devotees, both Christian and non-Christian alike, from across the world.

The body of St Francis Xavier died on 3rd December 1552; kept inside the Church

His body is kept for public viewing every 10 years; the last being held in 2004. Though it is kept in a well decorated coffer, it is open to the public everyday. The saint is said to have miraculous powers of healing, and pilgrims come from all over the country and abroad as well.

Murals of Goa - Art work inside Basilica of Bom Jesus

The interiors

Shri Mangueshi Temple, Goa built in 1543

Shri Mangesh temple dedicated to Shiva is a 400-year-old structure which stands out with its simple and yet exquisitely elegant architecture. This temple actually had its origins in another village which fell to the invading Portuguese in 1543 and was not in this form. The Hindus felt insecured and shifted it to the present location at Mangeshim. But then, by 1764 the Portuguese captured this present location as well, though by now, the initial religious zeal was not there and it remained untouched as the Portuguese had refined and become more 'tolerant'

Shantadurga temple built in 1728

Like Shri Mangesh temple, the original site of Sri Shantadurga temple is also not the present location. To avoid the increasing Portuguese missionary activities in Goa, the Hindus were afraid for the safety of the temples and idols. Hence, on a moonless night, leaving their homes and hearths crossed over the Zuari River to a safer region..

Our team in front of The Sahakari Spice Farm Fl; Pat, Naresh, Naga, Julian, me and Jana

A place for relaxation under the dense forest cover, an aroma of a variety of genuine spices coming from the trees grown around the farm, lots of knowledge, guidance on the tupe of species and treatment for various diseases, sumtuous lunch in traditional Goan style, and other modes of entertainment, all this and more to add to a cherishable day at Sahakari Spice Farm.

A small wooden bridge inside the farm

Pouring Medicine water on Justin's back

Naresh, Me, Julian and Naga

Back Home :)


Heather said...

Gorgeous, as always. I'm so jealous of all the beautiful places you've been!

Strawberry Girl said...

You've done a fantastic job with this post!! Thanks for sharing your fun trip (and I see you haven't changed one bit... pouring water down your friends back, OI') ;D

Rush said...

Whoooo..travel article!!
got me back on my honeymoon days!!
fab GOA

Sheila said...

Wow! What an awesome trip! Thank you for sharing all these cool photos~

CathM said...

I do like the Portuguese style villas and grand architecture of the Basilica. You’ve shared some wonderful images and sites. It sounds like it was a fab trip!

Ps Btw, what was the ‘medicine water’ meant to do (or ward off)?

Anonymous said...

haha, makes me remember the good days with you guys!!!
a nice work!!!!

Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Heather,Annie,Rush,Sheila,Cath and Julian...I am glad that you all liked this post...Thank you all for you ever-inspiring comments...

And Heather that comment shows how much you loved Goa..... ;-)so you can visit whenever you are here in India next time....and dont miss the Sahakari spice farm.....

Annie thats not me pouring medicine water.....He is the one who guided us all through the farm and he is a research student specialized in organic farming......

Thats wonderful Rush...remembering the good old days ;) lol

Yes Sheila it was an awesome trip....

Hi Cath..the researcher said...they add juice of many shrubs which has medicinal values in that water.....so farmers in those days...after the whole days work...pour this water over them while taking bath...which is refreshing and energizing.....it has a natural cooling...we all tried it......you can also visit their wonderful site...

Julian....I was just searching for an image and accidentally found one old Surfgold folder...where i have all the old photographs...and thought of sharing it with you all...Good that you enjoyed :)

Viji said...

Wow, looks like you had a blast:-)!The pics as well as the write ups are fabulous:-).

claude said...

Very nice place !

Silver said...

Looks like a really swell place to be. Tickled to see the pic of the 'pouring of medicine water' over your friend's back. When we were tourists, we'll do abt anything.

ps: sorry i got back so late. i almost didn't open those mails as i wasn't sure who it was from at first.


Marina-Emer said...

preciosas fotografias ...feliz fin de semana

Sandy said...

wow! truly spectacular to say the least!!!! thanks so much for sharing with us sweet naru xx

Sanjay said...

how was the hotel Miramar Residency? Is it good for family stay with 2 small kids? Traveling to goa in 3rd week of sept...your response appreciated.

Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Sanjay...Thanks for your visit and yes Miramar is pretty decent a place and is fine for family. It near the beach itself. Keep visiting.

Take care

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