Friday, September 25, 2009

Wish you all a Happy Dasara

Dasara is celebrated in India and many other countries with great pomp and splendor.
Dasara concludes with Navarathri, the holy day when the good wins over evil.
Dasara in sanskrit means the "remover of bad fate".
There are different forms of celebration depending on the place and golu or the doll festival is very popular in southern part of India.
The vastness and number of dolls displayed depends on the size of ones wallet;-)

Wish you all a Happy Dasara! :)

(pic taken from net)*


Anonymous said...

Wow, the celebration looks like a lot of fun. The photo shows a colorful and eye-catching showcase that reflect an indeed splendid Dasara.

Viji said...

B'ful display of dolls:-).

claude said...

Yes ! Dolls are very pretty. Happy Dasara !

Tina said...

i have never heard of this celebration before. The doll idea is fascinating

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Anonymous said...

You have let everyone know what nature is all about.. the peace giving GOD

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