Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sangam and Mekedatu Trip

Sangam simply means ‘UNION’. Here it’s the union of river Cauvery, Arkavathi and an other imaginary river which is invisible. A beautiful, serene river basin to unwind in weekends, Sangam is just around 85 km from Bangalore. Green all around and blue up above!!!

The Team

The Rider

The beautiful roadside on the way to sangam

Two bikes and one car - 7 of us

Reached Sangam and have to take that circular boat to reach the other bank

The authorities say - Beware of Crocs! though we dint even see a 'Crow'

From this bank a bus takes us to Makedatu which is around 4 km

A few choose to walk in the jungle expecting to see some wild animals (unfortunately or fortunately we dint see any).

Reached Makedatu

Trust me this is truly adventurous!
while posing so adventurously, I never knew that this shallow looking river has swirls here and there and very powerful undercurrents. I heard from the locals, that many do these kinda stuff, but never RETURNS.
You ask me to do this again??? I will never...Phew!!!

A refreshing and elaborate bath while coming back (in sangam)

The Dusk - Just before leaving Sangam

The local fresh fish right from the river...

The team after reaching Bangalore.

The village mode of transportation

An old house in a village

A farmer using the traditional plough

The bee and the flower again :)

A traditional way of making Silk. Seen in front of a village house

The happy village kid

Another happy village kid again

Shot taken while sitting behind the bike


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing. I certainly wouldn't have been brave enough to travel in the little boat in the river and definitely wouldn't want to be as adventurous as you !!

CJ xx

darsden said...

absolutely beautiful! Love the riding the motorcycle backwards to take pictures that was fantastic. I just love the pictures Nara, looks like ya'll had a great time.

Rush said...

an awesome trip man...too much to digest all in one day!
loved the looks of the boat rowing...maybe the crows were too scared of the crocs to show up..and the crocs were watching u guys all along!!
loved the silk part..and the fish fry...hmmm, awesome man...i love ur travelogues...keep us posted for more!!!

Viji said...

Looks like your had a fun filled trip!! How far is this place from B'lore? Nice pics:-).

I liked the silk weaving pics.....

Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Crystal, Darsden, Rush and Vij......thank you all...and me a scared soul Crystal....Oh Darl so you liked that snap? :).....yes Rush the kids were so happy and that picture is the tradional way of making Silk....yes Vij it was fun and exciting all day, as we biked...its only around 85 KM from blore....

wandering soul said...

"A traditional way of making Silk" pictures are really interesting and good shots with the kids. :)

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely views!

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