Friday, October 30, 2009

David Shepherd ‘ran out’ of Time

David Shepherd was undoubtedly the most appreciated and sincere umpires in the game of cricket till date. He shot to fame in the early 80’s with his elegance and accuracy on and off the field. He stood in 92 Tests, 172 ODIs, between 1983-2005, including three World Cup finals.

He has made umpiring an art with his style and smile. In schooldays while preparing to watch a cricket match, kids never bother about an umpire. But after noticing this great man it has become a habit to enquire about umpires before the start of each match.

Indian masses always wished to see Shepherd whenever there is a crucial match with Australia or particularly with Pakistan the arch rival. Indian fans always believe Shepherd can be a better judge than any Indian Umpire in curial matches. This is because the track record is that Indian Umpires rules decisions always against India and god knows for what reason.

As the saying goes; Even a Sage cannot be completely impartial; knowing the hunger of a hunter the sage still stands by the bird.

But any cricket lover can blindly say David Shepherd was always an Impartial Sage on the field

May your soul RIP Mr. David Shepherd

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Strawberry Girl said...

Interesting how, to be fair, we sometimes are not... when it comes to our own. Don't know much at all about Cricket, but anyone can appreciate an impartial judge.



KParthasarathi said...

You are very correct in your assessment of this all time great umpire.To be impartial and unbiased requires great calibre.Let me offer my flower of tribute to this great man.
Thanks for writing this post

gaelikaa said...

May he rest in peace.

Indrani said...

Great tribute!

kumar said...

Attempt made to tribute and acknowledge the great personality is admirable. I join with you and thanks for making it possible.
Probably Sage quote is apt for this grand old huge figure by physical and by his work.

I feel, criticising Indian umpires should not be a part in the tribute.


Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Straw, KP, Gaelika, Indrani and Kumar...thanks for the comments.....and yes I liked that pointing out that part Kumar...Thanks again everybody....

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