Friday, March 19, 2010

Tom and Jerry turns 70

Can anyone honestly tell that you ever got bored while watching these cute little fellows?
Can anyone of you argue it is a kids-only show?
Does anyone of you ever dared to switch off the television while your kids or your aged parents watching the show?

I am pretty sure none of you can answer YES to the above questions:-)

What an amazing creation. Let’s Thank William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for making millions of people laugh and thereby live happily and peacefully. And their creation continue to entertain and educate us in different forms for the last 70 years to this very day. This laugh riot, for sure will continue forever for the simple reason; they are raw and core extracts of life.

The house cat Tom and the all-mischievous Jerry is always pleasure watching.

The best part is they stay the same and never get old. This maybe because they do laugh and make others laugh all these days. They live in a world without humans and therefore even violence turns out to be fun, they become friends at times, join hands to fight a common enemy and they never hurt each other with the intention to kill.

After all these years, apart from laughing, why we failed to learn a lesson or two from these violent, ever-fighting yet peace-loving ‘friends’?

(pic taken from net)*


Anonymous said...

I love that show :)

I'll never be too old for cartoons!

Haddock said...

The only pair I love to see on screen.
Total entertainment.

Escapist said...

Complete entertainment...some time i get into so much that i forget to react according to the ambiance around.


Rajesh said...

This is for all ages. Even now, I watch this with my kids. My 3 and 7 year eyes are filled with naughty smile when watching this.

emilia. said...

Oh I used to love watching that show. We have the first two seasons on dvd. :) Brings back memories.

claude said...

Hello Narayan !
I love those cartoons.
I thin everybody loves them.

Rachna said...

My sons love these. In my house, Tom and Jerry runs all the time :)

Greener Bangalore said...

right Heather......yes you are grow up and elders grow reverse ;)...

hi Haddock thanks for the visit and comment....

hehe yes are absolutely right....

@Rajesh thats right Rajesh....age no bar....

Hi Emilia.....thanks for the visit and comment..

Thats right Claude...all love!!!

hi Rachna....Thanks for the visit and comment....!

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