Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scorching summer and thirsty Birds

Summer is back in most parts of India and is too hot in few places that people cannot even stand or take a walk in daytime. Anyway we have our own alternatives to stay away from the scorching heat. Goggles, air coolers, buttermilk, cold drinks, beer and what not!

And this summer, Indian 'Birds' found new ‘shades’ in the form of Women Reservation Bill. The major chunk of the population of India stood up and spoke for women empowerment and vouched 33% seat reservation in Parliament. Well! Let’s wait and see if this would make a difference in the political scene as women are said to be better administrators and relatively unbiased. At least more peaceful non-violent parliament hearings in the coming days are here for sure if the bill is approved unanimously.

My point here is we have an organization or society to speak for any particular religion, gender or class.

Let’s try doing in our own humble manner, a small favor for the ‘Flying class’; the Birds.

It would be wonderful if we can place a vessel/pot/pan full of water in the balcony for birds to quench thirst in this hot season as they can't speak their troubles nor they can protest with banners to re-gain their fundamental right to live in this planet!!!
(pic taken from net)*


Viji said...

Cute pic:-).

Ya, keeping a bowl of water either in balcony or open space is something all of us can do!!

I have pigeons as guests in balcony, first thing in the morng!

Heather said...

We haven't quite hit the hot months yet - but it is warming up nicely. I'm not a fan of winter, so I've been excited to walk outside and actually feel warm.

And I think leaving water out for the birds is a lovely idea. My mom has several that fly around her yard on a regular basis, so she has a big, pretty bird bath that they can splash around to cool off in and drink when thirsty.

darsden said...

Very Cool picture! Very Nice Post!

claude said...

In winter I give some seeds to the birds and in summer some water.

Sandy said...

We must protect all living beings. Beautiful post Mr Nara :)

Spiderdama said...

Nice shot! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog:)
Wish you a great weekend from Norway.

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