Monday, May 24, 2010


A pleasant misty morning near the paddy fields in Wayanad. we even saw a few adorable birds which are not seen these days in cities.

You can see far there, tourists enjoy boating in a serene lake (of course safety jackets are provided. The Kerala state tourism department is in charge).

Lovely never-ending roads with tea estates on both sides in and around Wayanad

A beautiful place with full of grass and trees around; we rested a while here on the way......

Big brother Bamboosss!


Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. Such beautiful lake and lush green atmosphere. While people in the city long for this, we ourselves spoil what we had in the city.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Pics of Wyanad are superb - all shots highlight the glorious greenery. Kerala is truly God's own country.


Dusk said...

WOW! No wonder you liked my 'prowling in the jungle' shots!!

Beautiful images. Did you take these? Gorgeous. Beautiful scenery.
...although I live in a bustling metropolis, I am fortunate to live in the 'suburbs', I live on the edge of a forest... I need this.

Spiderdama said...

Looks like a beatiful and green place! Great shots:-)
Wish you a nice week!

Ms Sparrow said...

Great pictures of a lovely area. I see why you take such pride in your home.

claude said...

Pretty places !

Greener Bangalore said...

@rightly said rajesh

@Thanks for the visit and comment Mr.Ramakrishnan

@Thanks for visit and comments Dusk and yes all pictures uploaded here is mine unless specified. And whenever i write on some common interest like Dalai Lama, i will specify that, the images is taken from net, right below the respective posts. yes your prowling pic was awesome :)

@its a lovely green place spider you can also climb hills you are always welcome; and when are you planning to visit?? :)

@Thanks a lot Sparrow for that lovely comment.Yes i do take pride for all the goodies in this country and at the same time condemn those various 'badies' as well. (Though i prefer to share only the goodies through this blog)

@Thanks a lot Claude; yes it is pretty beautiful place

bettyl said...

Sounds like great fun for anyone who visits there!

claude said...

Hello !
I find the bird songs on "Deezer".
Today I post about the female of black bird and you can hear his call.

Anya said...

So so lovely peaceful place :-)

Have a Happy Weekend

claude said...
You can put the music on google gadgets of your blog.

Greener Bangalore said...

@ thanks Betty, Anya

@hi Thanks Claude, let me try how to add it to my blog...

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