Tuesday, June 1, 2010


May the clear blue sky up above and the bright sun bring prosperity and health to you all in the coming days....

A peaceful stream ‘falling-down’. But let’s assure they never ‘downfall’

Contrary to the belief, that Jackfruit was a Portuguese import 500 years back, to Indian sub-continent and south Asia, Archaeological findings states this fruit is been cultivated in many parts of Indian sub-continent as early as 3000 - 1000 BC.

The Inter-Woven


Spiderdama said...

Wonderful and peaceful photos!
Wish you a blessed day:-)

R.Ramakrishnan said...


Wyanad continues to exhilirate. Its so refreshing to see such greenery.The waterfall is cool.Your pics are awesome. By the way - are you from Wayanad ?

Greener Bangalore said...

@Spider; you too Spider and Thanks

@Ram; Not exactly Sir! but yes my home state

Ms Sparrow said...

I've never heard of jackfruit. What is it like?

The rock formations in the waterfall picture are quite interesting!

cristinasiqueira said...

Very interesting.
I LOVE JACA...in Brasil the name is Bread Fruit


Ruth said...

wow these are awesome shots! Wayanad... i've been there and loved the place... i could go visit it every once in a while and would never get tired feasting the greens...:)

Found your blog through Mariel's Window. So cool!!

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