Tuesday, June 22, 2010

India and Football

When will India reach the FIFA world cup finals???

An often repeated question in most of the Indian minds for a few decades now. Once in four years, we Indians invariably end up supporting Brazil, though there are a lot of fan following here in India for nations like Argentina, Germany, England, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain etc...

Anyway one Indian team is actively participating in the FIFA 2010 world cup in South Africa !!! Any guess???

Indian Software Giant Mahindra Satyam is the Official IT Services Provider for FIFA 2010 world cup.

And there was a time when bare footed Indian football team ruled the Asian sub-continent and reached the semi-final in 1956 Melbourne Olympics; the first nation from Asia to reach semis in Olympics .......to read more interesting facts you can click here
....a very informative and lovely article by NOVY KAPADIA in Tehelka

(pic taken from net)*


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Anonymous said...

I like your photography and your highest hopes for your teams.

Thanks for your visit to my blog post about the sunflower being wrecked by the squirrels.

I am not going to be able to save the sunflower as we did all we could for it last night and this morning it looks even worse.

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