Friday, July 16, 2010

The Bahai faith

Bahaism the newest of all religious faiths, is a break away cult from the Islamic Shia sect.
A very interesting religion which insists on peace and harmony!

Bahaism was founded by Mirza Hussian Ali Nuri in the later part of 1800’s in Iran. Presently with 5 million followers across the globe, Bahaism is a faith which also combines the good practices and thoughts of all religions.

As per the volunteers, the faith suggests a peaceful co-existence and insists it is the only way out for a secured and fruitful future.

The Lotus Temple in India is a structure with a difference in terms of its architecture and design as you can see here in these snaps.

This is one of the most attractive Bahai worship centers of the world though the most prominent ones are situated in Israel.

The Lotus temple has a lovely interior design with amazing ventilation and natural light falling in from all sides. Pin drop silence is the hallmark even when 100s flock inside the hall for meditation and prayer.

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P.N. Subramanian said...

Bahaism is really great. The pictures seem to have disappeared. Please check up.

Haddock said...

Had the oportunity of staying with a Bahai family in Panchgani. A nice family with good values. Did see some photographs there about the origin of the Bahai.

Greener Bangalore said...

@PNS..yes the faith sounds very interesting and yes the pics are rectified now....Thank you

@Haddock Thats nice to know people that one can have a closer look...Thanks Haddock

claude said...

HI !
The Lotus Temple is very beautiful.

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