Thursday, April 22, 2010

Accor Services and Earth Guest Day

Accor Services is back again with Earth Guest Day Celebrations/Pledge/Campaign and other awareness programs. As an active participant every year, responsible and committed corporate, our organization has shared a few valuable information, with our employees through our internal system. Since its generic I would like to share with you all.

My post on Earth Guest Day last year here

You can also participate here

Every April 22nd, Accor employees' mobilization day for sustainable development

The principle: organize collective actions around the eight priorities of the Earth Guest program.

The point is to organize actions that can have a long-term impact, and not only a one-day action: that's what sustainable development is all about!

April 22nd: Earth day

The date has not been randomly chosen: every April 22nd, it is the International Earth day.

Invented by the American Senator Gaylord Nelson and originally intended to mobilize people on environmental actions, this event occurred for the first time on April 22nd, 1970. Primarily, students mobilized local communities on environmental projects.

Today, the Earth day is the most popular and biggest amongst other similar events in the world. It is celebrated in 184 participating countries by more than 500 million people.

A great success since 2007 !

Launched in 2007, Earth Guest day's third edition took place on April 22nd, 2009.

These three editions have demonstrated the enthusiasm and commitment of employees for sustainable development.

In 2007, employees of 69 countries all over the world had taken part.
In 2008 and 2009, employees of 77 countries took steps for a more beautiful planet!

Only one planet

The number of human beings on Earth continues to grow. In fact, compared to 40 years ago:
- there are twice as many people on the planet,
- humanity is three times richer. This wealth is very unevenly distributed, but the richest populations consume more resources than the others.

But the planet is not expandable, its resources are limited. And this increasingly large population needs to consume increasingly large amounts to sustain itself! To the point where the resources can barely renew themselves. The land is growing poorer and becoming infertile, oceans are being emptied of some species of fish, forested areas across the world are diminishing, water tables and freshwater reservoirs are drying out... More sustainable forms of management must therefore be found and implemented, whether in agriculture, fishing or forestry.

One of the most important consumptions, which continues to rise without faltering, is energy. But 80% of this energy is obtained from natural reserves of oil, coal and gas. These reserves are not renewable (because it took millions of years to create them).
It is therefore necessary to use these resources less, by changing our habits, using more energy-efficient equipment, and developing sources of renewable energy.

In addition, product consumption entails a booming rise in the quantity of waste produced: this quantity rose by 50% in 20 years, and only 10% of the waste is recycled. Consequences? Waste is decomposing in nature, polluting the land and water tables.

So shall we start....................................................................... ???


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Its great to find people to try hard to save the environment and help in building a great tomorrow!
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I truly appreciate these sentiments and try to be as Earth friendly as possible each day... :)

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