Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Guest Day: 22nd April 2009

Accor, the European leader in hotels and tourism and the global leader in corporate services, operates in nearly 100 countries with 170,000 employees is back again with the campaign

The ‘Earth Guest Day’ is back this year with the theme WATER

Active campaigns and promotions this year too, across the globe to showcase their commitment to the principles of sustainable development

Plz dont miss this cute VDO by wwf.fr

The culmination of campaigns pursued by employees throughout the year, the day -- called Earth Guest day at Accor -- highlights the Earth Guest program introduced by the Group in 2006 to federate its social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

As our parent organization, I am happy to invite all you to join an online pledge to save Water and do our little share for a great cause. As we all know, the most precious thing in future is going to be good, clean water and lets make a difference in our own way.

You can proudly participate in this online pledge, an initiative from our organization Accor Services by clicking Save Water and can pass the message to your friends and relatives as well.

Thank a ton


Anonymous said...

haha that VOD is soooo cute ;)

Strawberry Girl said...

That is such a cute video, and so true!! We have a really good water filter in our kitchen and I try to cut back on water use. Still it is amazing to see how much water we use in a day (such as when our water gets shut off for repairs, or when we have a problem with our pipes and have to carry the water out...)

Water is a precious resource!!

cristinasiqueira said...

HI Greener,

SAVE THE WATER...beautiful message.



Sandy said...

A Very Happy Earth Day to you too hun!

Tina said...

what a nice idea. its good how people still care about the environment and try and pull together to make the world better

Greener Bangalore said...

Yes Ju,Straw,Christy,Sandy,Tina even I found that VDO and the message cute and wonderful...

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