Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Back to business

The sun and the electric pole


Strawberry Girl said...

I like the juxtaposition of the sun and the electric pole... kind of shows the past and the future side by side. I am wondering if you have heard of Holy Basil or Tulsi tea, said to be sustainably farmed in India. I have some downstairs, it's very relaxing, though I don't know how well the claims of sustainability are being carried out... :0)

Vancouver, Canada said...

You have a great sense of timing hun..beautifully done pictures! look forward to seeing more :)

Zhao Jinxing said...

Hello Greener Bangalore, Thank you very much for visiting my blog and the guestbook, I will try even harder at work, thank you!

Alexandra Garland said...

Great photos!! Thanks for sharing!!

Smita Tewari said...

Amazing pix! I had heard of Bangalore being hi-tech. Didn't know it was so beautiful & green!

Keep posting more pics of your city...

The lady in Red said...

Hi, Greener, very nice Post and blog. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to seeing more photos.

Best wishes,

Lilly Jones said...

The sun & the electric pole,
The light creeps upon the dark,
White gleam and yellow hue,
Oranges blend and fade.

Silent palms speak of life,
The tall wooden pole lifeless.
How rich are these colours,
So beautiful is God's creation.

I will develop this further when I get a chance so monitor my blog - lol!

Your photos inspire such creative words in my heart and I thank you for opening up my senses in this dimension. Good luck...

Lilly Jones

Simply Heather said...

Thank you for sharing such green and light, it's warmed me from the inside...Spring is approaching us here but the mud season lingers. Your photos are what my eyes needed to see this morning :o)

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