Monday, March 30, 2009

Talakad: 185 km from Bangalore

Talakad is an ancient temple town on the banks of river Kaveri and is only 185 km from Bangalore and a very prominent pilgrim site. There are many temples on the river banks which are more than 1500 years old, built during the period of different dynasties like Ganga, Chola and Hoysala. As this huge area, over a period of time, got covered under sand dunes, the historical monuments were underneath for centuries.

These magnificent structures were under sand dunes for centuries. The whole area is protected by Archeological Survey of India

ISRO scientists is still mapping Talakat with its advanced technology and with satellite images they claim that there might be many more structures in the nearby areas

Claims are like 'sizeably big structures' burried about 175 to 200 metres and the excavation still continues

This shows clearly the height of the sand dunes

A small vessel made out of rock to store water

If you observe closely chest and tummy of this artwork, you can see face of the auspicious bull.

This 'Interlinked' carved out of single rock is a symbol of Architectural brilliance of Cholas which is seen in most of the temples the Cholas built

This is a boat to ferry the river

The river is very shallow during this time of the year and people enjoy playing in the water

we had a make shift tent

My cousins and nieces

An old house in the nearby village

Barista; chain coffee shop found anywhere in Bangalore and this one in the Bangalore Mysore road has 24/7 service

Break at 'Barista'


Vijayalakshmi Natarajan said...

Lovely pics:-). Hoysala architecture is breathtakingly b'ful.

I want to visit sometime soon!


Pradip Biswas said...

thank you for such an informative post with lovely photographs.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Wow, those are amazing photos. Love it.

Strawberry Girl said...

It is so exciting when such marvelous structures are unearthed like that, the sand preserving them from the elements... I can see the bull in the figure above, very cool. What I have around me is mountains, American Indian ruins (way down south, my parents visited them but I didn't get a chance), we visit a "ghost town" each year... I will have to post some pictures sometime. ;p

BTW: I would love to see the beatiful arcitecture of India in person some time. Your pictures are a good inspiration. :o)

Nehaa Narayanan said...

The pics are very good...they portray the extreme skill and adeptness the Hoysalas had in the field of art & architecture...coming to the blog- it was superb..

Tina said...

this looks fantastic. its a place i would love to go as im really into history. beautiful pics.

thanks for stopping by my place. i like to do a bit of green posting when i can :)

Heather said...

Wow. Beautiful pictures - I would love to visit and see these things first hand.

Thank you for visiting my blog and offering support and prayers for my family. :)

Smita Tewari said...

Great pix! Almost pre-histoic! One neve gets to see anything like this, these days. Keep it up!

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