Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Vishu

Wishing all my friends a Wonderful and Prosperous Vishu

Vishu is a festival celebrated in Kerala, Gods Own Country, falls mostly on 14th April every year as it marks the Malayalam New Year which falls in the month of Medam (April – May). It is also celebrated in areas bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and a few other Indian States. This occasion signifies the Sun's transit to the zodiac - Mesha Raasi (first zodiac sign) as per Indian astrological calculations. The word "Vishu" in Sanskrit means "equal". Therefore Vishu is more probably denoting one of the equinox days. Vishu is also considered as the harvest festival of Kerala.

Among many other items, Banana Chips is an integral part of 'Sadhya' which simply means a grand typical south indian lunch

How to make it ?

Yes here it is.....

5 - 6 bananas
lemon juice, coconut oil or vegetable oil
salt, sugar syrup or honey (optional)
tumeric powder(optional)
cooking spray
baking sheet
slotted spoon
chip slicer

Step1 - Cut bananas in diagonal slices 1/8 inch each or use a chip slicer.

Step2 - If you are using salt and 1/4 tsp. of turmeric powder, place bananas in iced salted water for ten minutes.

Step3 - Remove all the water from bowl and place bananas on a cloth to take out the excess moisture.

Step4 - Heat up the oil so that it is almost burning but not yet, and fry bananas in coconut oil or vegetable oil in one layer for a minute or two or until they are crispy.

Step5 - Take the chips out with a slotted spoon and place them on a napkin. Sprinkle with salt if you so desire.

Step6 - If using the lemon juice, dip the bananas in the juice and place on a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray.

Step7 - Bake at 200 degrees for two hours and then turn the slices over and bake for another hour and a half to two hours until brown and crispy.

Step8 - Remove slices and cool completely. Dip or soak in sugar syrup or honey if you so desire and want them to be sweet

It's best when cooked in Coconut Oil. Good Luck !!! :-)
Yes now you can go try once ;) and dont forget to visit Gods Own Country when you are here in India


Heather said...

Educational, as always! Those banana chips look yummy. I might have to try those!

Cynthia said...

It appears all around the world this time of
year is about renewal and rebirth. Thanks for
the great recipe - easy, tasty & healthy.

Strawberry Girl said...

Gorgeous flower!! Plus I love banana chips, thanks for the recipe.

and... a fun holiday to clebrate as well. Happy Vishu!!

Simply Heather said...

Happy Vishu and Spring and Easter and Everything, to you friend ~ from me in the USA :o).

I really do enjoy learning of your celebrations...so interesting and you open the world up to all of us.

Thank you for sharing...

Sheila said...

Wow! Thanks for the background on the celebration for Vishnu but doubly thanks for the recipe! Yum yum!

Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Heather and Heather, Cynthia, Straw and Sheila.. Hope you all enjoyed....and thx for the comments....have a few more pics....will add in the coming days... :)

Sindhu said...


Wish you the same!

Thank you for stopping by and the wish..


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