Monday, April 20, 2009

Shivagange Photos Part- I (to be continued:-))

Yes!! as promised here is the first set of images :)

N.H4, the National Highway from Bangalore which takes to Shivagange

The Gang is all set ;-)

NICE, the promoters of BMIC which is a 4 to 6 lane highway that connects the two important cities of Bangalore and Mysore

The village road off-NH4 and a distant view of the hill (our target)

Another view

The Shivaganga Fort in the old city is built by the Nayaka Ruler in the 16th century
The fort comprises of a square Shivaganga tank and Brihadishvara temple.

The Temple

The square tank

The sculpture made on wall (rock)

The steps carved on rock

The Sculptures on the walls of small caves on the mountain

Nandi the auspicious bull

A very steep hill with two Shiva temples, one on the foot of the hill and second around 5 km uphill.

Particularly impressive are the views from the top of the hill

Place to watch for flora & fauna, bird watching & monkeys

Team taking a break in between

'Dare Devil' Bhushan in action. In spite of our repeated warning he took this route and a slip will cost him his life for sure. Crazy Bhushan

Not so daring Nara 'inaction' ;-) ...I was a bit scared to go till the tip of that rock

On an average it takes 2-2.5 hours to climb and 2 hours to get down

Almost rocky all around, with railings at some places to hold and climb the steep hill

There is also a natural spring between the two monolithic rocks.

View from the edge. To realize the depth, have a look at the picture closely and you can see two persons in the middle walking down.

The team on top. Out of 21, only 11 of us reached the top :-)

That's me trying my luck to reach on top :-)

It says: "Greenery is our Life"

The Team at the foot hills

Unlike other temples, apart from the spiritual part, Shivaganga is not that crowded and it is a good place for an average trekking experience.

Will get you the second set of images asap, which are not particularly about the place or my friends, but a few 'Insignificant' images ;-)

Till then take care
Thank You


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are well worth the effort, believe me. You have some fantastic shots here. The Dare Devil photograph makes me feel queasy just looking at it! What an amazing journey for you to take. Thank you for sharing.

CJ xx

Viji said...

Oh My God....B'ful place!!

The rock looks steep & slippery though!!

Looks like "Not so daring Nara" managed to reach the top!

Sandy said...

Great Effort Nar :)

Tina said...

the climbing looks so scary! but the scenery is beautiful. i love the sculptures. they are my kind of thing

Greener Bangalore said...

hehe no Viji!!!...still striving....not yet reached the tip:P ;)

Greener Bangalore said...

Hi Crystal,Sandy,Tina...Yes it was a nice trekking experience.....and Thanks for your comments.....

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