Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crossing the road in a Jungle

Before start reading, Please remember to click the play button above, so that you can watch the VDO by the time you finish reading.

This VDO shows you how one can avoid a disaster in the midst of the jungle.
Tamed or domesticated elephants are very very friendly and loyal.
But that's not the case with the wild ones and they may behave rudely and that is quite natural.

Whenever you go out for a safari inside any forest anywhere, please don't get out of the vehicle at any point of time and make sure the vehicle you choose is sturdy and is in fine running condition with adequate fuel.

Whenever an elephant approaches your vehicle, just put on your head lights and horn continuously(horn only if necessary). Seeing the head lights Elephants normally mistake it for fire and an unheard noise will scare them away.

Always try to avoid elephants which roams alone

But still we all have to answer one question !!

Suppose if any unknown person(s) enters our house and if started dominating and give orders, how will we respond ???

My answer is simple. I will get angry:-)

That's just what the elephant did and when we enter their territory they have no other option but to show their anger and no wonder they respond in that manner :-)

But it is OK. So far we do not harm the environment or the animals, everything is fine.


Nehaa Narayanan said...

Thats just such a fantastic VDO....Five star blog...Thanx 4 de good tips...

Strawberry Girl said...

LOL on your comment Nara. That is such an interesting video. On our vacation to Wyoming we passed through Yellowstone National Park. There was a buffalo sitting/laying on the side of the road and everyone was stopping to get out an take pictures. Good thing that buffalo was in a good mood, because he didn't move the whole time. My parents and siblings encountered a whole herd of buffalo in the road on their trip east a few years ago. They were sitting around like they owned the road and everyone on it had to wait for them. lol (Who want's to start a Buffalo Stampeed after all

Smita Tewari said...

How lovely! Felt I was in a Wild life Sanctuary- Corbett Park, Kanha, or Bandavgarh!
The video was so lifelike! Great going!
And thanks for liking Lake District pix.
The place keeps haunting me...

Chachan said...

nana .........

Ar u remember in Moozhiaar days !!

More than it >>@@#@! ?

is ........ it ...... true ?

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